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Our animals are grass feed and grown without added hormones and antibiotics. We support a small Oklahoma processor that is family-owned and operated. They have very high standards for their work and do an excellent job processing and packaging our meat.


Today, the typical consumer goes to the grocery store and buys a pound or two of ground beef, or a roast and some steaks for the weekend. In this fast-paced and hurried world, we've traded authenticity, connection, and community-centered economies for the convenience of supermarkets and e-commerce. This process compromises benefits of buying local meat.

When you buy in bulk, you get a variety of roasts, steaks, ground beef, stew and much more! The more you order, the more you can customize your beef just the way you want it. If you tend to cook with more ground beef and fewer steaks, we can customize the way your portion is cut to get you a greater quantity of ground beef and make it fit your unique cooking personality. We’ll work with you to custom tailor your order of bulk beef.

We offer halves, and wholes.



All prices include processing

*Whole (Beef)Cut to order, 340-420 lbs *hanging weight $5.90/lb hanging weight
($200 deposit required)

*Half (Beef)Cut to order, 170-210 lbs *hanging weight $5.90/lb hanging weight
($200 deposit required)


* Take home weights are approximately 20-30% less than hanging weight due to de-boning and trimming

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